Credit Unions Are STILL The Way Forward

The Church and Credit UnionsIn November of 1960 there were over 800 Catholic-oriented credit unions throughout the United States. No other Church group could equal this figure. Some of these Credit Unions were small; others had grown greatly.

Today, there are fewer than 100 and the Church in America largely ignores them. What happened? This timeless pamphlet is more pertinent today than ever. A “must read” for those wanting to understand Catholic credit unions.

“Pope Benedict XV once stated that it was precisely in the field of economics that the salvation of souls was imperiled. This same Church, founded by Christ, is a God-given model of community living and co-operation which must be worked into the natural order of man’s social existence.” – Church and Credit Unions, 1958

Read or download the full pamphlet here: Church and Credit Unions



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