Have We Lost Our Concern For Economic Justice?

Catholic Social Action Through the Parish Credit Union - 1958In the mid-20th century there was a HUGE push by the American bishops in North America and even the Pope himself to promote economic structures that were actually good for people. This resulted in hundreds of credit unions forming from coast to coast. Why have we lost our drive to sanctify and improve the economic life our country?

“While there is much talk about the maturity and strength of the layman in the Church, it is in public life that this must be practiced and proved. To act in this field is truly to act in the Church, because the Church and the Christian faith necessarily must influence the economic, the social, the cultural and the civil spheres to bring them all into conformity with the commandments of God.” -Pope Pius XII

This one is very short and easy to read. Download: Catholic Social Action Through the Parish Credit Union – 1958

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